Press Release Generator

What is the Press Release Generator?

Press Release Generator is a tool that helps you create a press release in 6 easy steps:

  • Company and Product Introduction
  • Problem/Opportunity Statement
  • Solution
  • Representative Quote
  • Finishing Touches
  • Download

In addition to be a tool to help entrepreneurs and marketers create press releases for existing products, Press Release Generator is a tool created to help Product Managers visualize their future products.

The Press Release is one tools used on the Amazon’s Working Backwards framework for product development. Working Backwards focus on the customer and its necessities and works back from them, in order to create purposeful products. One of the main tools of Working Backwards is a PRFAQ: a mock press release of the end product (PR) and set of questions that would be asked by the customer (External FAQ) or by the organization developing the product (Internal FAQ).

The Press Release Generator helps with PR part of the PRFAQ with a set of questions designed to help visualize the end products.

How to use the Press Release Generator?

Fill the fields and answer the questions to generate your press release, apply the finishing touches and download the finished version in .docx, or simply copy it to clipboard.

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