(PR)FAQ Database

What is the FAQ Database?

The FAQ Database is a tool to help product managers and entrepreneurs question themselves about their initiatives. It has drawn its inspiration from Amazon’s Working Backwards framework.

Working Backwards is a product development framework that focus on the customer and its necessities and works back from them, in order to create purposeful products. One of the main tools of Working Backwards is a PRFAQ: a mock press release of the end product and set of questions that would be asked by the customer (External FAQ) or by the organization developing the product (Internal FAQ).

The FAQ Database helps with FAQ part of the PRFAQ with a set of questions designed to help define purposeful and profitable products.

How to use the FAQ Database?

The FAQ Database is split between Internal and External questions, you can switch them using the tabs on the top. Both lists are categorized with tags, representing the type of question. Categories can be related with a phase of the product development, the type of problem that needs to be addressed, or the type of product: Product Discovery, Pricing, Distribution, Software, etc. In addition to categories, the Internal FAQ questions are also tagged with the likely organization Department that will contribute to answering the question: Engineering, Legal, Product Management, etc.

The FAQ has filtering and searching built in. You can filter a category by clicking on a category or department button:

Category button
image 4
Department button

Or by selecting one or more categories or departments from the categories and departments filters:

image 1
Mobile View
(click the funnel button to pop up the filters)
image 2
Desktop View

In addition the FAQ Database also has a search all feature that allows you to run a full text search across the question’s: text, categories and departments:

image 3
Search box

FAQ (of the FAQ Database)